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A Safe Place to Gain Public Speaking Super Powers


Toastmasters is Transformative

Not only will you improve your public speaking skills through Toastmasters, but you will:

  • Gain incredible confidence

  • Build leadership skills

  • Maximize your potential

  • Enjoy unlimited personal growth

  • Work on networking in a small and supportive environment

  • Practice writing speeches and presenting in a group setting

The Benefits of Toastmasters
  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking.

  • Confidence grows. We are rewarded with self-confidence and self-acceptance, and we gradually lose the fear of beingjudged.

  • Become a better speaker and better writer. We become authors and story tellers.

  • We become better at writing, using grammar correctly, better at vocabulary building, we learn how to say it and say it well, including; prosody, inflection, timbre, cadence, and diction.

  • As an active participant in weekly meetings at Toastmasters, we not only continue to perfect our public speaking ability, speech craft, we enjoy deeper connections with fellow Toastmasters. We build a network of social connections.

  • Leadership skill development—organizational training ground

  • Personal insight, more self-aware.

  • Sharing ourselves through personal stories – authenticity, self-revelation, transparency.

  • Listen to other people speak and learn about them and their interests and get an education … personal development.

  • We can learn to use humor as a social lubricant, as a way to connect with the audience.

  • Social confidence. Develop the skill to “work a room” at professional and social events.

  • Provides “mirroring” from an audience of supporters offering helpful feedback.

  • When we write, we dialogue with ourselves, and we get to know ourselves better from the inside out.

  • When we share personal stories and lessons learned through storytelling, we captivate the audience with the resulting rewards of psychic wages which restores our battered egos and feeds our self-esteem.

  • The process of speech preparation sensitizes us to think about others and the impression we make when we speak. At Toastmasters, we learn to dispense with “er’s, umm’s, and ah’s” and avoid “repeating ourselves” when we speak. When we listen to good public speakers they rarely exhibit “umm’s” and “ah’s” and putting sentences in reverse; backtracking; repeating ourselves is avoided.

  • We nurture a community and a growing group of friends, who in turn introduce us to others. Toastmasters is an amazing networking opportunity.

  • When we give a speech concerning something about which we are passionate, we become known by others as caring individuals and our messages build our inner strength which, in turn, gives us greater interpersonal power.

  • We learn, through the process of speech craft, to respect other people’s time by keeping our talk within the agreed upon time limit. In turn our fellow Toastmasters learn to respect our time as well. When we engage in lifelong learning and growth through Toastmasters we continue to grow and keep our youthfulness.

  • Lifetime Annuity—never too early or too late to get started becoming a wonderful speaker.

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